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Psychometric Profiling

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GC Index®  

This measures where people can make their biggest impact in an organisation.

We can profile people at the:


INDIVIDUAL level e.g. candidates being selected for a job role or participants in a development or coaching programme. 


TEAM level e.g. profiling existing teams to understand their strengths and gaps or to create a new team for a specific purpose.


ORGANISATIONAL level e.g. to understand the organisation's talent pool and question whether you have the right people on the right projects or in the right roles. 

Work Based Personality Preference Questionnaires.


There are a vast number of Personality Questionnaires on the market.


We are qualified to use a range of different instruments including:

Saville's WAVE,

SHL's OPQ-32

Talogy's P.A.P.I.3

Hogan's HPI, HDS, MVPI

Our preference is to use a combination. We typically use the GC Index® and a personality measure. 


Young People's Index

A GC Index® productThe YP Index® has been designed for people who are still studying or have just entered the job market. 


Many organisations use the YPI for their apprentices and entry level roles.


It is also used in schools, colleges and Universities, from 13+.   

It helps young people to understand themselves and where their strengths lie. Also what to consider when:

looking for work,

starting their own business or

starting a new job.  

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