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We are passionate about 


Hence our partnership with the GC Index.

Find out what your strengths are and what energises you.

Find out what positive impact you can make to the organisation.  

Why not visit the GCI Website:

The GC Index initial research and ongoing development adheres to the guidelines set by the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations (EFPA), and the International Test Commission (ITC) for the design and application of psychological assessments. The GC Index has been featured at both the European Congress of Psychology (2022) and the International Congress of Psychology (2021). 

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The GC Index®, measures and describes five proclivities i.e. five different ways in which people are inclined, or energised, to make an impact and their best contribution.  

We can profile individuals, teams and organisations by aggregating data to show your team and organisation's make-up.


By understanding what elements of the business or project cycle will motivate you the most, helps you to understand where your potential lies.  

GC Index

Understand your potential.

Know your impact.

Love your job.



Not everyone who has a strategist mindset, will already be involved in strategy development.


Your apprentice or admin assistant could be a strategist.


Equally, not every Director will be a strategist either.  


The five proclivities are not linked to job levels or grades.  

Current Offers 

For current students, such as Occupational & Business Psychologists, HR, L&D and Business Studies

If you’re currently studying a relevant Masters at University, then we will deliver a FREE virtual workshop about the GC Index to your class. We will explore a case study linking it to a particular course module of your choice. 

For Educational Providers - delivering the Gatsby benchmarks

If you deliver career development sessions, employability skills and enterprise workshops or, student coaching and mentoring, then contact us to explore how using the Young People Index will help to inspire your students and improve their self-confidence and self-awareness


If you’re now in employment and you think it could be of interest to your organisation, we can deliver a FREE workshop about the GC Index to your team. You may want to include representatives from other teams such as OD, HR and L&D in the discussions. 


If you currently use or think you will be using profiling instruments, you might be interested in getting accredited yourself.

  • For all students and staff in educational establishments or anyone working in charities, or not for profit organisations, we’re heavily discounting the accreditation costs. 

  • If you're not a current student or working in education, charities or a not for profit, we can also offer discounts for small groups. If you can't find enough people, provide us with some preferred dates and we can add you to one of our groups, to get the same discounts.

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If you don't feel ready to explore a workshop, why not attend a free online webinar to learn more?

We can discuss it’s use in:​

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