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About Inclusive Recruitment

Inclusive recruitment specialises in assessing and developing people.


We are also passionate about diversity and inclusion, ensuring that everyone is included, their contribution is recognised and everyone feels valued. To understand the terms, look at our "Important definitions" page. 

We are not a recruitment agency. We don't advertise jobs, search for candidates or headhunt people. We work with you when you wish to design and plan your campaign and measurements of success. We can design and deliver your assessment (or development) process and full suite of exercises from application sifts and individual bespoke exercises to large scale assessment centres. We can also supply assessors to add a valuable independent viewpoint. 


We are a talent acquisition and talent management organisation based in East Anglia, but we work 'virtually' everywhere.  Our associates are based all over the country, so we can work on your preferred site too. 

We focus on meeting your specific strategic aims and outcomes - what would you like to achieve?

We are here to help you recruit the right people and develop them into highly skilled employees.

We tailor solutions to your needs. We offer bespoke design and delivery solutions to meet your budget. 

We are flexible. We can cater for small scale ad-hoc projects and high volume projects. As we use a team of associate contractors to deliver larger scale projects, we keep overheads low, bringing the cost savings to you.  

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